26 April 2012

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Assalamuallaikum Wr. Wb

            Dear Miss appraiser exam Indonesian, and my friends that I was proud.
First of all we say grace Allah SWT for His grace and              we can gather here.
I thank you for your time so that I can address here.
Now I will explain about globalization. As the understanding of globalization, the impact of globalization as well as all kinds of globalization, and others.
Globalization is the process of entry of a State to the scope of the world. Globalization has both
positive and negative. The positive impact of globalization such as the cooperation between countries in the world. Forms of cooperation in the world not only in politics but there are also in the economy such as the existence of free trade. Free trade allows a country to sell their products to other countries in the world. Not only the trade was freed. While the impact is negative for countries that do not have the preparation to face the globalization of this country will then automatically eliminated by the currents of globalization.
Globalization is divided into several types, namely, the ideology of globalization, political globalization, cultural globalization, the globalization of information and globalization of the economy. In the era of globalization there are three (3) the factors causing the increasing globalization, namely: a change in world politics, the flow of information quickly and widely, and rapidly growing international companies.
Globalization is a reality, meaning that globalization is inevitable, and every nation or country will inevitably enter the global world of the so-called globalization. One way states prepare for globalization is to build a good education system which aims to create an outstanding human resources, persevering, honest, hard working and willing to learn continuously for the advancement of self, family, community, nation and country as well.
Globalization of law for the nation Indonesia is occurring in Indonesia would also can cause a reaction in the international world, whatever happens in the international community can affect  Indonesia.
May my speech be useful and if there are errors in the said words I say sorry.

Wassalamuallikum Wr. Wb

syarif maulana


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